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Sin House Projects is the sound of one hand sardonically clapping before taking out the enemy with a single, well-aimed blow.

Since 1997, Sin House Projects has been waving two fingers at a variety of media. Its flair for street style and the subtly subversive has attracted clients such as Sprite Urban Games, Lucas Films, Oasis and the Free Tibet campaign. And with the talent of designers and content-makers such as Steve Burke, Garry Mouat, Dave Rimmer and Richard Wood, areas of Sin House activity include t-shirts, illustration, books, printed canvasses, posters and stencil artwork.

Sin House Projects knows that pop is more than just the sound of a bubble bursting, providing music and nightlife artwork for The Cure, Blur, Coke Cola, Ride Magazine, The Enemy, Harley Davidson, Universal Music, The Prodigy, and others.

Sin House Projects is the wreckfest of champions. A pre-emptive art strike. Graphic attack from the wrong side of the tracks.

Le monde est ˆ nous


Joe McGorty Ride Magazine

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The true life mythical documentation of a long forgotten race that was doomed from the start,
relayed from memory with historical accuracy and embellishment by Stevie Gee..

While Stevie Gee was working in a San Francisco boxing gym three years ago, he met an old
seaman known as “El Capitane”. El Capitane relayed an incredible story to Stevie about a long
forgotten cycling race that took place along the West Coast of America in 1957. 66 people started
the race but only a Native American Sioux medicine man known as “Figo Vengeance” and El
Capitane himself actually finished it.
Stevie was so inspired and aroused by the stories he heard that he started to create images filled
with salty sea dogs, wild busty women, whisky fuelled fights and native American shamans. This is
the exhibition of that work.
The show includes an exclusive fixed bicycle collaboration with Tourdeville classic bike shop and
Death Spray Custom as well as limited edition screen prints and a tee shirt.

On the saddle of art!

Death spray custom "Mmmm we like"